Hey guys, I just wanted to get a quick opinion. I've got about $200 - $300 to get a used tube amp. currently i've seen a Ampeg Jet II J-12T ($225) and a Peavey classic 30($325) pop up on the local craigslist. Anyone have any experience with these amps?

I play lots of indie/post rock stuff and occasionally venture into classic rock and more modern alternative stuff. I need a good clean sound and for the amp to take pedals well.

Any advice/opinions/other suggestions are much appreciated

oh yeah forgot to say that i'm not really gigging at the moment, but may play a couple open mike nights/coffee house shows in the future
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Peavey Classic 30 is a great amp, and that is a great price that guy is selling it for, although you may be able to steal it for 300. No experience with the Ampeg though.
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My only concern with the classic 30 is that it'll be too loud for my apt when i'm just playing in my room.
I've played the Ampeg J-20, and I think gregs1020 has owned one. Great amps, although not as much gain on tap as the Peavey. Phenomenal tone though, both clean and dirty. Maybe someone else can shed some more light on your specific model.
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