I have a pro guitar rig that im selling. i dont really have any one to play with where i am at so i guess theres no need for all this stuff. everything works perfectly and everything is in tip top shape. ill give you a run down of the things it comes with and a brief description of what it does, unless its self explanatory.

1. LTD EC-1000. 4 months old and in brand new AWESOME condition. loaded with emg 81 and 60 it is a gloss black with gold hardware. $600

2. Mesa Triple rectifier 150w head. it has jj rectifier tubes and mesa power tubes. i took two tubes out due to it being super loud when i was living in an apartment. they are taken out in parallel so not to worry, just add two more tubes and youll be back to 150watt ear blasting in no time. head is in great shape, no rips in the tolex or dents or scratches. ill even throw in the footswitch for free! great deal right? $1300

3. Mesa oversized recto 4x12 cabinet. this beast is packing celestion v30s that are made to melt your face. this cab is in over all great condition. no crazy rips or tears but theres a few little dings that you have to get up close to notice. from about 10 feet away... looks brand new! awesome right? $600

4. Monster pro 2500 power conditioner. this shit is real real nasty at keeping your electronics safe when you jammin in the club. if youre playing a set and some asshole at the bar orders some frozen girly drink and the tender breaks out the blender, no problem, keeps the hum out of your bum so neon signs and blenders dont mess with your sound... also works as a circuit breaker. $125

5. ISP Decimator ProRack G STEREO MOD. this thing is the bees knees when it comes to kicking the ass of feedback and electrical hums. not only is it easy to use with just the turn of a knob but it has a 7 layer filtering system that kicks feed back when your soloing. what about the boss ns-2 noise suppressor pedal, you say? i say buy this one cause not only am i telling you to but you cant go wrong. boss just clips and the feedback while still clipping your sound. the isp decimator filters out feedback and other unwanted noise so when you have those solos or extra long note ring outs the feedback stays gone... FOREVER!!!!!!! - $400

6. BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer. its awesome... makes your signal path straight and cleans up your sound. read the manual. $100

7. korg dtr2000 digital tuner. if i have to explain what this does please click the "x" at the top right of this page (mac users click the red circle at the top left) - $150

8. 3 space rack drawer.... it holds shit. - $30

9. Keeley head and rack road case. it is in honestly awesome condition. it doesnt look like its been toured with... why? cause it hasnt. its just held my stuff so i dont have it unorganized all over the place. 8 space rack and fits a mesa rectifier head. - $400

a lot of this stuff is in awesome condition and some even in brand new condition due to being in a rack case since i bought it.

id rather sell it all together but im sure you guys will pick through it and piece it off.
free shipping to where? would you ship the mesa head to the UK?
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ya, i should have mentioned, to the lower 48 (continental usa) other than that id have to charge you for shipping. sorry, but ill ship where ever anyone wants outside of usa if they pay shipping. id probably be even willing to lower the price a little bit as well.
ya sent you one back but im really trying to keep them together. i have both the head and cab for $1400 usd so if youre interested i think im just going to stick with that. sorry but ill let you know if anything changes.

honestly, you will never find a deal better than that. everything i have up there totals to $3,455 and i really do want this. if you want things separately then these prices listed in the OP will remain the same with a little flexibility.
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