I have a laney TF200 amp, I havnt been able to sell it or trade so I'd like to mod it.
Now I only wanted rid because it was to loud, it dosnt sound good till 6/7 and that's not possible in my flat.

So are ther any mods I could do to make it quieter while maintaining a high volume setting, like reducing the overall power, also is it realistically possible to do?

Look into an attenuator or also called a hot plate. They allow you to do what you just described.
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Modding the power supply would most likely not work with the amp. The only real mod you could do is enhance the filtering capacitors, which wouldn't do what you want.

Get an attenuator.
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So getting an attenuator, is this a mod that could be done at home, or would it be somthing that a tech would really have to do.

Thanks for the replys
An attenuators just a separate piece of gear that goes in between your amps speaker output and the speaker, so it's not something a tech would need to do

You can buy attenuators or you can try making one. Your choice of which to do is just based on how confident you are with electronics and soldering, really
Ah right, that's really very good news, I'd buy one.

Second question now is how do I go about buying one, can anyone recomend one for me?

Thanks so much
I don't use one myself, but some popular ones that'll work are

Dr. Z Air Brake - $329

THD Hot Plate - $329

Weber MASS 100 - $240
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