New amp day!

My first one I have posted on here, after spending more and more time over here away from EG I thought I would treat myself to some NAD'age..

But can you guess what it is?

Hint: Its a 30watt 112 tube amp and its awesome.

EDIT: Will post pics and review after first 3 posts.

EDIT 2: Awwwww come on...

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If only Laneys in that price range came with V30s...

Marshall Bluesbreaker? Except that's a 2x12, but it is 30 watts and made in England. >.>

Yea, the back looks different too. It could be an Orange but I haven't seen the inside of any.
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the made in england is a disguise. it's a bugera.
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these teaser threads suck


How the fuck did you do that?

um yeah...

UG keeps crashing so I will keep this short.

Its awesome,

went out looking a modern sounding amp capable of high gain stuff. Played a rockerverb that was far too expensive but fell in love with the sound. Played this amp which is a more stripped down version and knew I had found a keeper.

The clean, natural, channel is great when you crank it, with no EQ it sounds odd at first but once you play with the guitar volume you can get some lovely sounds out fo it, I use an EMG60 for my cleans and the expansive output allows for a lot of nice sounds.

The dirty channel is just plain awesome. With a hell of alot more gain than I ever thought an orange would have. It goes trhough crunchy, dirty rock too full on metal. It gets to that saturated point but never washes out like I felt the 6505 i tried did, its a very articulate and musical distrotion that I love. With a pedal to boost it this could do anything, but even unassisted it takes care of everything I tend to play.

The feel and build of this amp is flawless and I know it wont fail me through any fault of its own. Its a shame they are discontinuing this amp, mine is one of the last ones to be made/sold as I would love to pick another one up one day, it i that good.,

hope you enjoyed my 1st NAD sorry a mod burst my bubble


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How the fuck did you do that?

He probably Quoted your OP and saw the photobucket link. He then pasted that in and parceled out some of the URL to see your Album???

Like this:

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LOL teaser thread fail. If you wanna do stuff like that atleast wait to upload the pics .

Nice amp though lolz
Humph bloody mods...

Thanks guys

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
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nightraven learned that from phishing teen photobuckets and so that he could see girls pictures on facebook.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
HNAD! Friend of mine has one of these, sounds absolutely fantastic.
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Still sweet though, I have a new-found love for Orange amps
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