My Jackson DX10D with an LFR goes slightly out of tune when I use the tremolo arm excessively. Only very slightly though (like just one tick flat or sharp on my tuner). I decided to figure out why since I don't think the explanation that the metals are inferior to OFR's was sufficient enough to explain this problem.

So I took a picture of my LFR perfectly in tune. Then I did some extreme divebombs and string-breaking moves and took another picture.

Comparing the two pictures, I noticed that the fine tuners were slightly moved either up or down in the second picture as compared to the first, therefore making some strings just barely out of tune.

My theory is, during excessive whammy abuse, the fine tuners move. I believe this is the only problem with my LFR since the strings only slightly go out of tune. I also believe that if I replace the fine tuners on my guitar from an OFR that the strings will stay perfectly in tune no matter what.

So in short, the fine tuners are the only problem and replacing them will make my LFR perfect. What do you guys think?
i'm convinced that LFR's are just plain inferior to OFR's. I have an LFR on my KH-203 and have replaced all replaceable parts on my LFR, even the locking nut. Try it though, its a cheap experiment. Good luck
one tick....wtf is wrong with that? its not that bad
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One tick makes all the difference to me. Especially on power chords. And yeah, it is a cheap mod. $20 buys a set of 6 fine tuners from a German made OFR.
No. LFR's are made out of cheaper materials than OFRs, meaning they wear down faster at the knife edges. Also, it's a hit or miss situation. You could get really lucky and get a bridge that lasts for years, or you get really unlucky and get on that lasts for a couple of weeks...

You can try the fine tuner thing, but I don't think it will make that much of a difference.

Also, make sure you get fine tuners that are the same size as your own, I don't know if different bridges have different fine tuners.
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as far as the fine tuners moving independently on a screw thread are you sure your not accidently moving them with your picking hand whilst sting dampening
i think as biga29 said, it's really all about the knife edges. i think it's that the cheaper materials on LFR's cause the knife edges to flatten out quickly, so they don't always return to where they were before the divebomb (or whatever movement). it could also be a problem with the bridge posts not letting the knife edges return to their previous position. either way, very small distance changes on the bridge can mean very large pitch changes for the guitar
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No, I'm not accidentally moving them while damping or palm muting the strings.

It may well be the knife edges. Second thing I thought of that could go wrong with the LFR. I'll just have to see after I replace the fine tuners.