ok sooooo there is a new slam metal band called pathology, and i was really wondering if anyone knew what tuning they played in and if they had any tabs. thanks.
Sounds like somewhere around B, but I'm not great at picking out lower notes. I could find any tabs anywhere, so I cant really tell you for sure..
Here have a waffle!
Sounds like B, defininitely Drop B. You won't find any tabs by these guys so soon, so just wait or tab it out by ear: these guys should be pretty easy to learn by ear, just get Audacity and do this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHhXQu3knco
Edit: I forgot to say that I'm totaly shure it's B because I checked it with GP lol, and in the videoclip for Code Injection they play power chords with one finger, so it's totally Drop. Remember it's 2 and a half steps down from E, and then tune down the C# to a B, matching your 4th string (lol maybe this wasn't necessary, but I feel like being helpfull today. Also thanks to introducing me to a great Brutal Slamming band, they kick ass )
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i just posted a guitar pro tab for code injection recently, it should be mostly correct. its in drop B