I am trying to figure out how Matthias Jabs plays a vicious harmonic in
the song "Bad Boys Running Wild". At the beginning of the song he hits
an open E and dives and then he does the really fast legato part on the
lower frets. This is when the unreal harmonic part is played. I've watched
videos of Jabs playing the part and he just seems to hit an interval
around the 12th fret. I never hear him hitting the harmonics the way
he does in original song. Could he have been hitting pick harmonics
while he was playing an interval to get that sound? Thanks.
post a link to a vid the the time stamp so we don`t after listen to the entire song just to find the 1 note.
Hi Ibanezgod. I've got two Ibanez guitars myself. Anyway, The E he dives on is at about the 2:56 mark, then comes the legato part I talked about. The pick harmonic come right at the 3:00 minute mark. There are a couple of other harmonics giving me trouble also, but that one just stands out like no other harmonic I've ever heard. Thanks for the help Ibanezgod. Here's the link:

ok there`s a whole string of harmonics some of them are straight forward pinch harmonics and dives then there`s a couple of pinch harmonic where it sounds like he`s raking the strings and hitting the harmonic as he`s diving, i`m planning on recording a couple of vids today so i`ll show the technique in that, you`ll have to wait several hours 1st though(gotta change strings and some other shit to do 1st)

the other harmonic you are describing could be a tap harmonic (basically tapping the string at it`s harmonic node without fretting the tapped note)
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Yeah, I was wondering if he might be tapping there. Maybe he is tapping that interval on the two strings. Thanks Ibanezgod.
I'm starting to to think it's just a regular pick pick harmonic, just a matter of finding it. It must be pretty hard to do though, since I never see Jabs hit it in any of the live videos of the song.