im really bored right now and im feeling a movie. only problem is that i dunno what movie to download...yes, download...screw the industry.
it could be anything from action to comedy, i dont really care.

so pit, whats YOUR favorite movie?

p.s if theres already a thread about this...dont flame, i didnt feel like searching through 200 pages
There are so many threads about this. Try Ali, it's SO much better than it should be.

EDIT: Do yourself a favour and don't download it though, the picture quality improves the film 100%.
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Silence of the Lambs
Children of Men
Requiem for a Dream
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Pulp Fiction


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I saw Masterminds yesterday at 5AM in the morning. It sucked. But it killed boredom. At 5AM that is.
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But no, really
The Road - damn good movie. Preferred the book though.
The Shawshank Redemtion - if you're in the mood.
Sherlock Holmes, the new one is actually damn good.
The Hangover, but Im sure you knew that.
Meet Joe Black.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Fight Club
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