So, after finally getting enough cash together and deciding what I finally wanted.. I ordered this little thing from Musician's Friend not too long ago. This is sort of a belated NAD, I will admit, I've been busy and have had too much fun messing with this to take the time to make a thread for it. But now I am. SO without further ado.. Here's the NAD pr0n

A Blackstar.. Hmm..

Oh, look at that, a handy single-button footswitch for switching channels.. BUT WHO IS AMP?! (I apologize for this)

Oh, I see now.. A Blackstar HT-5 Combo!

And here's a nice shot of my full set-up..

My Crate V50 has literally just become a stand for the amp. It hasn't been used since I got this thing.
I paid $399.99 brand new (USD), and the footswitch was included.

REVIEW: Right out of the box, my mouth dropped open. It's a sexy amp, for sure. The moment I turned it on, the clean channel was awesome. But that's not why I got this.. So I plugged in the footswitch and BAM, overdrive channel is just.. Amazing. I have no words to describe this thing. It can handle metal on it's own, but even still I bought some pedals to go along with it.. (Hint I made a NPD as well, AND a NGD)
The ISF is awesome, it can go from Marshall to Mesa with the turn on the knob. I personally like it on the USA side, but that's subjective. I've messed with this for a few days and I can't find a tone I don't like.
My favorite thing about it is the headphone jack. I can still jam out late at night when my grandfather is sleeping and keep the awesome tone.

What a great purchase in my opinion. NOW, go check out my other New Gear Day threads, please!
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Happy new gear day(s)

time to edit that sig!

have fun man!

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Happy new gear day(s)

time to edit that sig!

have fun man!

Oh yeah, I did that right after I submitted my threads.

It's such a drastic improvement from my V50, at least for my style of playing.
HNAD day. Should have bought from me :P.

Its a fun little amp for what it is
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What was wrong with the V50?

oh and HNAD

It's OD channel is very muddy when it gets past 5, it's not a metal amp in any sense. It's more for classic/light rock, blues, and the like.

Oh, and 50 watts? TOO LOUD. I am solely bedroom. I only have the V50 because I traded an old acoustic for it, and it was my first tube amp. Have to start somewhere!
HNAD!! I have the Head version of your combo and I agree with you, it sounds so great!! Great metal tones and good clean tones! I forgot to do a nad when I got it But I will do a NGD when xmas arrives (hint: look in my sig! mwahahah)
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