I really like it, got a good beat to it and it's quite catchy (which I assume is the main point of drum n' bass) :P
It's a bit long, and sometimes quite repetitive... so maybe cut it down a tiny bit, or maybe introduce some variations as it's a pretty killer tune.

Keep it up!

Little bit of variation needed, try splitting it into verses like a "normal" song and adding a small extra note to each verse in a different direction. The synths at about 2.20 are pretty...well they fit the song, but i swear there must be something better for them. Like something just a little bit sharper, maybe add some silly overdrive to it on the computer like how the synth goes at 3.46.

It's better produced electronic music than the last stuff i uploaded to music. As in its awesome and very pro sounding. Will be sure to upload some of my own electronic stuff in the future (from more recently when i can actually do it well) and get you to check it out.

In the meantime wouldn't mind giving my song demo a bit o the ol' crit would you?

dude, that was awesome! initially the snare sample annoyed me, it didn't seem to work, but as the piece goes on, turns out I was wrong. As the other guys said very catchy and its a killer tune, but I can't help but agree that its a tad repetitive. I'd say cut it down shorter, or throw a couple of new parts in.
Part at 2:13 was amazing! I loved it, sounded so epic and glorious, as was bit at 3:00. They totally worked well.

Production quality is excellent! Tidy bottom end, something I can never sort out, and everything sounds very professional.

Dude, this whole thing was pretty sweet, and if we're not being fussy, nothing needs changing.
May I ask what DAW you use to create this?

And C4C Possibly?

its electronic, but nowhere near up to the production values of your track