Ive found 3 good guitars for $300 (if you know any more please let me know) Jackson Js32t, ibanez rg3ex(fm)1, and bc rich asm standard. if anyone has played or owns any of these tell me what you think of it.
Make every effort to play before you buy as even two of the same guitar will have differences that are sometimes quite staggering. My recommendation would be the Ibanez, if it fits your style - they tend to have very solid build quality even at the lower end of prices (they use cheaper parts, pickups, etc instead of crap construction) and I've yet to find one that is particularly bad. I have no experience with either of the others, though, so take that as you will.
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I'd personally avoid the BC Rich.

Why? The ASM's are awesome. Don't bandwagon.

That being said, I recommend that you try them out, since none of them will feel remotely the same as another.

The Ibanez is probably the best quality though.
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ok i guess ill stop being lazy and go to guitar center....
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