EC-1000. You have more options with it..

Gretsch G5120 >>> ProCo Rat >>> Fender Bassman 4x10
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Any particular reasons?

Chrome Division is one of my favorite bands, and their guitarists both use ESP Eclipses

Also, you have more options. You can get it in different finishes, different pickups, different bridge set-ups. More availability.

Gretsch G5120 >>> ProCo Rat >>> Fender Bassman 4x10
Both are more or less second hand, so in general terms which is a better guitar?
These are the thing you'll notice between the two.

EC-1000 is a higher Quality LTD but there also is a H-1000.

The EC is made from a much bigger piece of mahogany giving it a bigger sound, more smooth beefy and a bigger low end.

The EC has a EMG 60 in the neck which has more mids, and much better for cleans than 85 in the H that is a better distorted and beefier pick up.

Also the EC can come with passive pick ups.

The big advantage to the H is it is a set thru body, so you'll have an easier time getting to the upper-frets.

I'd go with the EC for MY personal preference. I tend t like the 60 more that the 85. And i like the shape more.

Dude the best way to decide, go to guitar center or a guitar shop of some sort and try them north out with the same amp, same settings.

Good Luck!Post when you chose.
Can you play both. If I was the one choosing, I'd choose the H, because it has the standard (25.5") scale length, and I can't play on the smaller scale of the EC. Scale length is ridiculously important to me, even though it's negligible to a lot of people. I don't know if you're one of those people, but if not, then don't forget that aspect.

I do prefer the 60 in the neck, but if you want one or the other, EMG pickups can go as low as $50 each used. That's the easy part. Making sure the guitar feels good to you is the important part.
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