Hopefully this'll be really helpful. I'm refretting my Aria Pro STG (a cheap import Strat rip-off). I've also made a new pickguard for it, but that's irrelevant. I just finished putting all the frets in and fileing down the ends (all by hand with a single small file).

What I'm wondering is: What's the best way to level the frets? How do i compensate for the dip in the neck caused by the trus rod? How can I tell when the neck is straight?

I know that there are special "fret leveling files" avalible, but not only do those involve spending money, but they involve spending a lot of money, and I have perfectly good files that can be used for leveling the frets. Even if I did buy one, there's still the issue with the truss rod to work out.

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Completely loosen the truss rod, and level them with a flat bastard file. There's a fretwork primer thread on here if you search for it.
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