Someone in my area has offered to trade his Jackson RR3 for my Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR electric guitar.

It is the crimson swirl model (retails for $800?) and is all original. This means:

-Seymour Duncan JB bridge and Jazz neck pups
-LICENSED Floyd Rose trem

He said he did block off the trem himself, but I am still unsure about the licensed Floyd.

I am looking at trading my Schecter because of the active EMGs and the Floyd, but since he blocked it off I am possibly gaining a little more interest in it.

My questions:
-Should I avoid a licensed Floyd?
-Is this a good deal?
Jackson LFR's are actually quite decent quality. so this all comes down to what feels better and sounds better in your hands and your ears.
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Oh yeah I def would, I love the feel of Jackson.

Edit: Jackson Trems are amazing. I Don't ever have to tune mine unless im changing strings.
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What's the retail price on the schecter? If it's higher then it would be a more worthy trade. But then you would have to take in account the condition of both of the guitars of course.
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I'd definitely trade. I love Jacksons, but then again, I don't like the Hellraiser's neck. But they're definitely different guitars, see if it feels good first.
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Well my Schecter is 2 years old and is in good condition, except for a crack next to one of the tuners on the back of the headstock (WHICH I HAVE MADE CLEAR IN ALL CAPS IN MY AD...sorry) so he definitely should know that.

I had it for sale for $800 at one point, but now I have it valued around $650 with the case.

Other than that it's been case-kept for the majority of it's time with me.
I'd definitely play it. Jackson necks are a world apart from Schecter, especially Hellraisers. You may not find it comfortable at all, in which case it'd be a horrible trade.

Also, it's ridiculous to try to sell your Hellraiser for $800, or even $650. I've seen them go for $450 even without cracks or other faults at GC a number of times.
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Jackson necks get a lot of praise, but I'm unfamiliar with them. I'd say try it out first. Also, I'm sure the pickups will be a huge difference too.

I love my hellraiser, but if a better guitar came around, I'd trade it.
I Jackson necks. Cant play for crap on them so if you are like me it would be a horrible trade
Eh I don't think it's happening.

My parents agreed pay for DiMarzio Crunch Lab and Liquifire pickups for my Schecter if I keep it. Since the EMGs were my main complaint, I think I'll just resell them along with the pots once they get swapped out
I wouldnt do that trade personally. Jackson licensed trems are awful from what i remember. I played a dk2m and i liked it apart from the fact the trem felt like utter crap.
I would prefer the Jackson, I love the necks and my Jackson LFR is great. Up to you how you like the neck, but that is the main thing on a guitar I consider, then the bridge. Looks, pups, all that stuff is not nearly as important to me (i enjoy swapping pups). Also check out how much wear on the frets of both guitars.

EDIT: I think blocking a FR is a sin that you may go to hell for.
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I actually just traded my RR3 for a Schecter C-1 Plus. But my RR3 was a little scratched and the wiring was bad. Either way, I say keep the Schecter.
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Well if you don't use the Floyd then block it. Not like a Hellraiser has some magic trem of satan that makes it impossible to do so. I mean, your other choice is a Jackson ALSO with an FR, but blocked, so either way it's something you're not going to use.

As stated before it's all really personal preference. I'm hoping you actually tried the Jackson like you said you would. Personally, I myself own a Hellraiser, though it's a seven-string model and not with a Floyd Rose. These days I'm thinking of getting one with a Floyd, though. I've owned a few very nice guitars, and the Hellraiser is my favorite in all aspects(except maybe stock pickups), but if you compare the Hellraiser and the RR and you like the latter better, go for it. And if you like the Hellraiser better, keep it.

But yeah, I'm with you on not liking the EMGs, though I myself have been able to make do with them.
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I'm seeing if a tech could block off the trem on my Hellraiser. As long as it's not over $10-15 I'd probably let him do it.

I didn't try out the RR for several reasons. For one, the guy was coming from 2 hours away to trade it for my Schecter. If I didn't happen to like it, he would have driven 4 hours for nothing. Also, my parents bought me this guitar a couple years back as a gift so I do have a bit of an emotional attachment to it.

It plays really well and I've made do with the stock parts for the past 2 years, but I think it's time to upgrade it since I'm not happy with some aspects.
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Also, it's ridiculous to try to sell your Hellraiser for $800, or even $650. I've seen them go for $450 even without cracks or other faults at GC a number of times.

Yep, GC's used site currently has 11 C1 Hellraiser FR's for under $500.....some in 5 star condition with hardshell case. Going through them gives you a 30 day period to see if you bond with the guitar as well.

Now, with that said RR3's can be had as low as $300 and it seems $350-400 is more the norm. So...it seems the current street price of a used HR C1 FR is about $100 MORE than the RR3.