Does anyone else have this problem, particuarly when bending up then down again, and then pulling off, the string above rings out. For example if I bend the 3rd string and the release it and pull off, the open fourth string sounds. This is not a good sound. Any advice on how to prevent this?
learn how rake when you bend. it mutes the lower strings and makes it a little more percussive which is cooler, imo.
i have the same problem........u just gotta keep working on ur own solution..........u may play different from me so i may have to chang one thing i do that u dont........sorry bro but this might be domething u have 2 figure out on ur own
Mute lower strings with a palm mute and higher strings by resting your non-picking fingers between the notes. And if you can lay your fretting index finger across the strings behind the other fingers you use to fret do so. If you’re shredding so fast that you can’t do this you need to use a string mute. MAB sells a specialized string mute that works really well and won’t move around, or you can just used a ponytail scrungy by slipping it over the neck, but it might slide down now and then.