Check it out, the song is called Shell. It is on my page. If you like Evoken, Enslaved, Agalloch, etc then you might like this. I do c4c, leave a link. Thanks in advanced
****ing fantastic!

The speeding up took me by surprise, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I dig your style, it reminds me a bit of Quo Vadis and Decrepit Birth at the faster bits, and the Agalloch is clear at the beginning, funeral doom style more in that slow chunk near the end. You blended it together phenomenally and originally. Honestly, I don't even have anything negative to say; the one criticism I could think of is the breaking of the flow by the fast chunk after the atmosphere has built, but honestly, with prog metal, we love it.

Do you plan on adding any harshes to that, or are you keeping it instrumental?

Also, I'd appreciate it if you took a quick looksie:
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Could still use a bit more ukulele and badly played organ

Will keep that in mind
Are those actual drums (e.g., is this a full band playing) or are they programmed? It sounds great, man.
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Normally, I hate death metal, but I gave your song a try. Parts of it were a bit heavy for my taste, but otherwise, I liked it! Glad it didn't have screaming/growling vocals. I thought most of the drums sounded very good. Keyboards sound good (what are they?). Your guitar playing is good. Guitar tone is appropriate. If you have electric bass, I can't hear it (if you don't have one, you should get one, even if it's a cheap one). Audio quality is good. It's a good recording! Please review my music at this link:

I was very impressed. Recording quality, song structure, tone, all deserve thumbs up imo. The vocals.....meh, but it comes with the territory in Death Metal for the most part

Here's mine


It's just the guitar part but I recommend you give it a listen. I'm pretty proud of it and it's recieved nothing but good praise so far from a lot of people Cheers