seriously has anyone ever heard of these or anything ive been looking at them for awhile but there is no info on them besides thier website
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I haven't seen those before, they look pretty average to me honestly...but then I'm more practical and think that a lit up board would make it harder for me to see my pedals

I think honestly it should be pretty low on your priority list, I would definitely want to make sure I had a good amp and a variety of pedals before I dropped a bunch of money on a board. A bunch of people here make their own boards and they seem to work pretty well.
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what more information do you want?

they are custom made pedal boards that look quite nice, are very sturdy and expensive

I'd personally take a Pedaltrain over one anyday because it just seems easier to change stuff around later on down the track
pedalboard = velcro and plywood.

hey, it's not like it affects you tone at all. why drop money on that when you could have a nice little chunk of cash-ish added to your GAS fund?
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it seems to be the easy way out, half the fun of pedal boards, is building them yourself.
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i was just wondering about the quality i mean for that kinda money i would expect it to be excellent but like i said i cant find anyone who has even heard of them. and i have a pedal board now just thought after i finish my rig with a few more pedals i could look into it. i thought lighting looks badass but then again i can definently see how it could be a problem too especially if it adds noise or anything. anyway i guess ill keep searching just dont feel like putting that kinda money into something without finding any kind of reviews or anything that isnt affiliated with the company
They're high quality, metal boards. The lighting won't add noise since it's LEDs. There's really nothing else to them, they're pedalboards. They hold things or they don't.
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they are great boards. made out of metal. good for gigging. i dunno how their wiring works. a pedaltrain seems more practical.
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ok cool thanks everyone for the opinions i think ill hold off just been looking at them for a few months and really dont know why i like them so much......... fml and my need to impulsively buy stuff i dont need it keeps putting holes in my bank account anyway im sure ill spend my money on something else tomorrow anyway so good day everyone
i have a huge pedaltrain. it's cool but they are a hassle. their meant to be set up once and carried around for gigs. if your messing around with pedals at home they are a big chore.
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Those seem pretty overpriced if you're not a huge pedal enthusiast, but goddamn I need that huge board with the LED lights
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I actually have a very basic (smaller version) of trailer trash's standard board with a flight case, and it has been great. Super high quality, reliable, and durable. The velcro top makes it easy to swap out my ever-changing set up.

I have mine set up with audioquest patch cables and a VL PPII mounted underneath.

I actually bought it because they are located just down the street from me (Denver, CO), so I could always just buzz over to their warehouse if I ever needed any help/spare parts/etc.
why go to all that expense even the pedaltrain boards and cases are overpriced, unless you go for the soft case option, stagg do a gig worthy hard case one for £30, remember if your gigging your board is going to get covered in blood, sweat and regurgitated alcohol,

the trailer trash ones do look cool though but to me aren`t practical.
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yeah im still gassing for these but probably wont go through with it cause to fit my needs i would be looking at least 800 bucks wiring it myself i gig constantly but dunno if its worth it just looking bad ass

on a side not ibanez i would like to kill you and steal the jem from you that is all.....