How do you usually keep your guitar after playing? I find that putting it back to the guitar bag is very troublesome to always do that and it doesn't motivate me to take out from the bag to play the next time.

I prefer to just put it on a guitar stand and I could just easily take it up to play and put it back after playing. It saves a lot of trouble and I can conveniently pick up to play any time even when I have just 15mins of free time.

However, sometimes, I don't even touch my guitar for a few days when my work is piling up. And the dust will slowly attack my guitar and I realise that many of the chromed areas on my guitar will kind of get "corroded" by the dust. Areas like the tuning pegs, chromed bridge, etc will not look as bright even after cleaning it with a damp cloth.

So how do you guys usually keep your guitar after playing?
Wall hanger
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guitar stands and wall hangers
i have cases in which i keep the guitars i dont play much but i try to keep a rotation going on
I keep mine on my stand, because I like it to be right there. I play every day, and I pick it up about 1-3 times a day, so it doesn't make any sense for me to put it in a case unless I'm taking it somewhere.
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Normally I just keep it on the stand, but I should probably keep it in a case. I recently moved and there's a shower right across from where I keep my guitars so theres a lot of moisture and it's rusting my guitars and amp.

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how about the dust? when we leave the guitar open air, the guitar will accumulate a lot of dust. somehow, the air in my area is quite dusty. it can accumulate quite a layer of powdery texture after leaving it for 2 days.
i keep it in my case... except my accoustic which is on a stand. Idk i don't have a problem putting it in and out of the case because i feel like im taking good care of it.
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i keep it in my case... except my accoustic which is on a stand. Idk i don't have a problem putting it in and out of the case because i feel like im taking good care of it.

i don't have a hard covered case. i am using a cushion bag. how do you usually put your bag? do you just lay on the ground or make it stand and lean against a wall or something?

I am always worried when I leave it standing because I don't want to know it down accidentally. But laying it on the ground takes up a lot of space...
The only time I ever put my guitar in the case is if I'm gonna take it somewhere. It's always on the stand. I pick it up several times a day, so casing it would be a huge hassle and a deterent to enjoying it.
i have one stand, and 4 guitars, so the stand really just gets in the way. and i rarely ever use it. so i always place them against the wall or bed. sometimes on the floor on top of clothes. but when you have a 100 wat amp connected to the outlet, with a pedal board right next to it along with a chair for comfortable playing...things could get hectic.
I keep mine on a stand about two feet from my desk so I remember to practice. Although I am thinking about moving the guitars a little farther from where I play because a strap popped off and the steel tuning pegs of one guitar put some big dents in the body of another
To the TS, I would submit your guitar is better off on a stand than a soft case. If dust is a major issue, use some electronic compressed air in a can to dust it out as needed. Just don't put the nozzle too close to the surface or you can "freeze" the surface. IMO, dust is less damaging than improper storage or handling which could actually warp the neck or bang the guitar up unnecessarily.
I normally leave mine just lying on my bed after taking it out of its case for when I feel like picking it up quickly throughout the day, but when I know I'm not going to play it for a bit, and also overnight as well, I put it back in its case.
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I keep my gigging guitars in their cases when I'm at home,they only go to practice and shows,unless I'm messing around with something on them.In my dining room I keep a little peavey practice amp with a guitar,chord and strap behind it in the corner I've never noticed it getting dusty though,that's were all home practicing and writing gets done at...I gotta retune it everytime and check my amp cause the kids mess with it once in awhile...(Nothing like turning on a 100 watt combo with the volume on 10 ahhhhh!!!) Lol
When I record wether its at home or at the band practice spot everything (all guitars,amps,pedals) sits out until I'm done so its all accessable
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i used to have them in a big rack, but now since i have 5-6 at a time, two are on hangers, one is on a stand, and the rest lean against a wall behind my seat at my desk for quick access.
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Wall hangers.

Black guitars = dust magnets. Euuuughhhh
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I used to have a 4 guitar stand thing...I just don't know where it went...I'd leave all my crap sitting out including a marshall halfstack in my dinning room by my computer but the wife didn't like that...lol
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Check out randy dobsons underground ,tell me what you think
The only way to keep dust off your guitar is to keep it in your guitar case after you finish using it. Otherwise, the dust ends up covering everything.

That's what I do.

i always wipe it with a soft cloth after playing then keep it in the case. it does seem annoying every time bringing out the guitar for playing, but I keep in mind that I am going to have this guitar for decades...
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You guys have unusual issues with dust. I have a black guitar and I leave it out all the time, and as long as I blow the pickups out once in a while, dust is not that big of a deal. Just handling the guitar regularly keeps the dust off of it except under the strings on the body and the pickups.
This thread makes me feel sad, because of work etc i need to leave my guitar at the practise space till the next practise or gig, so i just shove it in the soft case and put it into storage! Doesnt seem to affect it at all though, and it really just makes me want to play it more!
If you can, have your guitars set up like this so when you want you can grab the one you feel like playing and when you are done take a couple of minutes and wipe it down after playing.
I play a V-shape so it is pretty sturdy when I just lean it against my bed, which is where my guitar stays about 99% of the time (when I'm not playing it or sleeping - which is when I then put it in a guitar stand). Although, I've been meaning to buy some wall hangers as that would save bedroom space.
I keep mine on my bed or somewhere. I'm constantly on and off it in my small dorm pad anyway and have no stand.

If I'm about to leave it for days I put it in its bag.
I just light my guitars on fire and smash them after I play them.

Nahh I just put them on a stand
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Don't have a guitar stand so I just lean it against my desk.

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I lean mine against a wall somewhere near my chair.

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I used to keep it on the table (yea stupid) and it got dusty and everything, ok I wiped the body but still, the small ares next to the pups and in the bridge, srsly dusty. Now I got a soft case for 70e and its awesome! keep it in there now. Even if I dont play for 30 mins, in the soft case. And if it weas only 30 mins brake, the soft case then wouldnt get off of the bed.
I throw mine in the case after playing, but I get that feeling in my stomach, especially after playing a show, that the next time I play it, the strings are going to be crunchy. Not a good time.
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