Hey everyone, I wrote a song today for my grandmother who passed away last February, and she meant the world to me, so at this point, I guess writing this song is just my way of letting out all the feelings,

The song itself is in my profile, titled "tribute" I'm sorry about some of the pitch inconsistency, it happens a few times but, while writing and playing this song, I lost it and started crying, so my voice is a little pitchy from that. I'll probably try and re-record it tomorrow, but seeing how it's 2:30 AM, I'll just leave this up and tell me what you guys think of it.


These artifacts in space
hold me to the ground
As I watch above you
and all that you do.

I see just the pain you put them through
and I want to help you now, but please see
I'm not around to

pull you out of the ground
I can not make a sound
All that you need is to follow your own hearts dream
and you'll find your way

now it's been long and gone
but your presence is so prolonged
I'll keep with the beat, I'll stay on my feet for

You, please, don't just leave
Me, I'm so lost without your ways.
I'll never sleep again, I'll wait until the end of

Days now, have gone by so slow
A memory isn't a picture on the wall
but your soul within us all

As I brush away the dirt
from what remains of your legacy
I hope I can be half of what you were to me

But as the leaves fall
and the rain brings down its pour
I can take solace in knowing
that you'll be there for me.

The silent tears are the hardest to swallow
But I'll choke on down my pride and do it to survive
because it's what you wanted for me,
I should have never disagreed

Don't just leave me now
I'm so lost without your ways,

Im scared please show me how
To combat all this, to climb up over it

The colors change to gold
and though your traces are faint
they will never be untold
you will never be untold.

Yes, poop.
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