im goin to start off by saying sorry if this is the wrong thread. if i need to move it i will. but a while back i saw an amazing acoustic guitar player. ill try to explain him the best i can.

acoustic (obviously lol)
at the time i think he was bald. and he was sitting on a couch playing it seems like a melodic style of fingerpicking. engaged i believe. and i think he had a strange name. he wanted to go to a college or some school and a contest he entered into.

im sorry if this doesnt really help. but its stuck in my head and i cant figure it out.
no sorry its not andy mckee. he seemed arabic (no offense). skinny guy and the background seemd orange-ish. ggrrrr please help
Quote by Homerun Hero
he seemed arabic (no offense).

A missed attempt at political correctness.

I thought for sure it was Andy McKee when I saw "bald" and "guitar." 'Fraid I can't help.
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