Hello all. I am interested in buying an extremely simple and cheap tube amp (about $300). The most important factor is that the amp is small and lightweight. I am going to college this year and need an amp small enough for my dorm, but loud enough to keep up with a drum set. I play blues and classic, and have a bunch of pedals so i only need a clean channel.
As of now my front runner is a fender pro junior which i would buy used. I tried the vox ac4tv and was slightly disappointed. I also don't think the vox has enough headroom to keep up with a drum set while staying clean. An ideal amp would be a 10 - 15 watt tube amp that is small and lightweight (around 20 lbs) for around $300. It does not seem like i have many options though. Maybe someone here could help. Thanks.
+1 on the Super Champ XD. I just bought one yesterday and in strict bang-for-the-buck sense, it can't be beat. Pretty much any tone you can imagine within reason is on it.
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Laney cub 12r, it's 15 watt tube but it also has a 1 watt input jack so it's good for dorm use and small gigs
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Super Champ XD or Blackheart Little Giant or Blackheart Killer Ant or Bugera V5 or
Valveking Royal 8 or Vox AC4TV

o wow...big selection for $300
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The ValveKing Royal 8 is the best small tube amp I can think of, because it has master, gain and tone controls, whereas most amps that small only have one or two of those controls.

I also got it for about $175, so if you could find one on ebay, you'd even spend a bit less than your budget.

It sounds very good by itself for blues. The only downside I can think of is that it gets a bit noisy with the gain up, but that's pretty much to be expected with any amp.
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Used Peavey Classic 30, Laney VC15 or LC15 when talking used. Bugera V22 when talking about new stuff. Pro Junior is a good choice, so is a used Blues Junior.
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those are 400 little over budget but if he want to spent the extra 100 bucks go ahead.

while were on topic are theyre any good tube combos under 15 watts that are good for metal...i think if bugera or something made one it would sky rocket theyre fame because theyre are really no small tube amps half decent for us metalheads
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whereabouts do you live in NY? check your local craigslist. that's where you'll find the best value for your money.
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i had a blues jr in my dorm and it was actually a little big for it. I would go with the superchamp. should suite you well
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there are a few people that makesmaller ones but are very nice (vox 1 watt class A for like 280 bucks).

however, your best bet is a bugera. they make a variable 1/4-5 watt tube combo for like 150, or the v22 which can be had for 350 new. but it weights about 40 lbs, and is of a decent size for a dorm room. evne with the triode mode, 22 tube watts 1x12 its too loud for a dorm room.
Small tube amp for metal? Jet City Amps JCA20.

Small tube amp for blues/classic rock? Bugera V22.
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there aren't a ton of laneys in ny guys.

used blues jr or peavy classic 30 should be about $300.

the pro jr is a great amp as well, for about that or less.
I use a laney cub 10 and it's pretty good for cleans. Plus it can get quite loud while staying clean. Ang I guess same goes for the CUB 12...

And the good thing is that this amp seems to work quite well with pedals !
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Thanks a lot guys. Right now I have a peavy classic 30. It wouldn't be the end of the world if i ended up just taking that, but its a little big/loud/heavy for what I'm looking for. I did some research on the superchamp xd, and I'm very confused as to whether or not it would get that same tube tone as the pro junior. I will definitely have to go to guitar center and try out all of these...