Hey, I have been thinking about getting into BMX since it seems so awesome and exciting but before I really start getting deep into it I have some concerns that have been on my mind for a while. Im about 6'2 or 6'3 and currently weigh 217 lbs ( I lift weights a lot) so it has been making me wonder if BMX wont turn out great for me. And most likely I will continue lifting weights, therefore probably getting bigger, so will it still be possible to become great at BMX, especially doing tricks too? I really hope there is a solution to this because BMX would mean a whole lot to me and will be grateful that I could still do tricks and be great at it (oh and I'm about doing street BMX but will also do other styles too). Thanks guys for helping me out, I appreciate it a lot!
if your worried about your height, look at a guy called Dave Dillewaard.. nuff said
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This isn't a BMX website...

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I heard that BMX'ers and cyclists get testis tortion
They made me do push ups in drag

I'm gonna have a really hard time if we're both cannibals and racists.

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It's rough, but doable. I bought a shitty bike and gave it a shot for a summer.

I'm 6'3, I could do some basic shit by the end of it.
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you'll probably get hurt..alot... just to forewarn you.
my ex no longer has the ability to have children thanks to BMXing... lol
go to a store where the workers know what theyre doing- get the right bike,
and try it out! you'll never know until you try! :P
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