This head says it runs 450 watts at a 4 ohm minimum load.

Is this head capable of running a 2 ohm load. Like if I ran an 8 ohm, and 4 ohm cab, would it hurt it?

I'm also looking for an 18" cabinet somewhere... Does anyone know of one? Preferably Peavey, but I'll take something else.
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Try emailing Peavey, I wouldn't risk it though running it with a 2 ohm load though. You could probably pick up an old Peavey 18 used somewhere?
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According to the manual, the Peavey Tour series amplifiers have a minimum ohms rating of 4 ohms. Do not use one at 2 ohms.
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Eden, Swr, ampeg, all make an 18" cab. Why you want one though, who knows.
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Eden, Swr, ampeg, all make an 18" cab. Why you want one though, who knows.

Because they're awesome, not the most nessacery things in the world, but neither's a 415 and there's a few of those floating around too.
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