My Gio has "harmless" buzz that is not picked up by the amp.
But my friends Gio and Squirer do not have any buzz at all.
I know that the buzz is nomal and is just a minor annoyance, but I wonder why would my guitar have it and his dont?
what's the action like. Too high and you might not be pressing hard enough = fret buzz and too low= strings hit the frets which will cause fret buzz. I used to get horrendous fret buzz and though it was my guitar but it actually turned out to be strumming. I was bashing away like a woman possessed with no control and really sloppy. Once I got that sorted my buzzing stopped. You also might want to check your frets are level? Is it coming from open notes of fretted noties? Where abouts on the neck?
Assuming you are referring to the buzz coming from the string hitting the fret and not some sort of electronic hum..
Hellybelly has it pretty much nailed. The vibrating string is touching a non-fretted fret or frets; usually.
Causes... Action too low for the type of playing you're doing, string tension too low, a high fret....Yadda, yadda.
It's very common for a more ...Energetic player to experience buzzing on a guitar where someone with an easier attack doesn't.