Hey all, I felt compelled to join this place in the hopes someone here will be able to tell me anything about a guitar I picked up cheap at a garage sale today for 10 bucks!

The only visible markings are a faded "Morena" brand name, and "Made in Japan" on a steel plate on the back, oh and on the floating bridge (or whatever its called) there is a "Gotoh Japan 103B".

I opened her up to suss out the guts and the electronics look old, from another era old, I'm guessing from the 60's/70's, really I have no clue, but maybe someone out there recognizes this brand-name and this awesome design.

The shops are closed till monday so all I've been able to do so far is clean it lovingly and as you can imagine I am very eager to string this axe up and let the demons of hell hear my unworldly strummins!!


Let me know what you guys know. Sorry if I failed to follow proper procedure?

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Looks like a vintage 60's-70's Teisco to me. Don't know what model though, they made a lot of wacky guitars back then.
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That body is sickrad... good find good sir!
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60 or 70's imported junk.......

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You sure the brand name is Modena? If not we may be dealing with a Ferrari and not a guitar at all. :P

On topic though, I couldn't put a date on it, but it's a pretty sick looking guitar anyways. Good find.
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Thanks for the responses guys, turns out I'm an idiot, its NOT Modena, it looks a lot more like "Morena", the brand-name is badly faded, does that sound any better to anyone?

I tried it out today with the old strings and there appears to be a built in distortion effect? To me it sounds like distortion (the good kind, not the bad kind) it sounds heaps different to my Fender anyways and I like it. Can't wait to restore this thing!!

Oh well, I'll just play it and see how it goes.

Let me know if anyone has ANY info about it whatsoever.

Yep its a Tiesco, very good find for ten bucks!
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