Well, after using my 10watt ss traynor for the past year or so, it was time to upgrade.

I really wanted a tube amp, and I had been looking at the likes of the blackstar HT-5, however for the same price the vypyr 60 tube was available. Now I know the vypyr 60 is not a TRUE 100% tube amp, but I could definitely hear the difference between it and its pure SS versions.

So anyway, after playing with it in store a few times totally probably 2 or 3 hours I decided to take the plunge.

Perhaps the HT5 would have slightly better sound, I dont really know as I coudlnt try one, but the Vypyr's amount of effects and tones just totally made the decision for me. I would have to spend hundreds, even thousands on pedals to get even a small bit of the amount of effects I get out of this vypyr.

I can dial in pretty much any distortion sound I want, old school black sabbath style all the way to new school metalcore style distortion and they sound wonderful.

Cleans are great too, playing with the chorus and reverb yields some pretty damn cool sounds.

My only slight gripe is the damn weight of this thing, and that it seems on the recto amp channel with the xr wild stompbox it seems like there is no sustain (although that might be proper?), I hammerons and pulloffs dont seem to work. I figure it might just be the fact that I have the volume so low, this thing is LOUD.

On the real distorted settings I havnt had the master above 1, and thats with the post gain turned right down as well. On the cleaner settings the master gets to around 2 or 3. I dont think I'll ever be hitting 13 with this thing!

All in all I am extremely pleased with my purchase. For anyone wanting a new practice amp, whihc I am sure you could easily do small gigs with, this is the amp for you. Dont listen to the crap on here that you have to upgrade to a 6505 half stack from your little practice amp because its the only thing really worth it. Go that route and you have a distortion box for mainly newer metal, whereas with something like the vypyr you get it all.

Once I get better and I actually am in a band that is gigging, then I will def be thinking about a halfstack of some sort depending on the music we'll be playing. But for now, and with my limited experience, this amp is going to get a lot of use and I feel it will really open my eyes to the plethora of sound possibilities there are, not just the rinsed and repeated chug chug chug distortion.

Dont get me wrong, there are some effects I would probably never put to real true use, but its cool to know theyre there for when I am doodling around.

My next step is to eventually get one of the sanpera pedals so I can start using the looper!

Pretty simply put, for 500$ you get 11 pedals, 22 amp channels clean and distortion, 11 rack effects, delay, reverb, each effect and 'pedal' has two forms of adjustment. Pregain, post gain, low mid high eq, built in tuner, looper, auxilary in, headphone out, usb2.0 which you can aparently just plug into your computer and it recorgnizes it as a device and you can record instantly. Really, this amp is a great bang for your buck and I dont think anyone would be disapointed with it.

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Pics or it's a Vyp...

oh wait.


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Yeah, sorry I dont have a camera, or else Id take a group shot with my baby (my strat).

I figured most of you have seen the vypyr before, so I didnt bother to find a stock photo but here you go :P

(note: not my terrible picture taking skills)

Are you telling me theyre out of dragons?
They never had dragons..
Who didnt?
The world..
nice. HNAD!
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I bet it sounds better than the HT5, that's not 100% tube either anyway
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HNAD! Words cannot describe how much I want to upgrade to one of these babies (along with a Sanpera 2 footswitch) from my 15W SS Vypyr

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its so cool seeing the tubes warm up and produce an orange glow on the wall behind the amp!

Are you telling me theyre out of dragons?
They never had dragons..
Who didnt?
The world..
Sweet! Vypyr Tubes are freakin sweet
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