I got an Ibanez Art-300 off kijiji.com for really cheap. I've had it for a while now, but I just noticed that both pickups are a little wobbly. Is this normal? They're the stock IBZ-LZ1 pickups in both neck and bridge positions. There are a couple of screw around the pickups, should these just be tightened?
yeah. its normal. don't tighten the screws or it'll make your pickups higher, and will thus change the sound. so, unless you're looking for more gain, i wouldn't raise the pickups. a humbucker with two screws is bound to have some play in it. its like that on any humbucker withouth mounting rings. the ones on my gibson sg are like that too. its just one of those things...
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Hey man, thanks a lot, I was all depressed thinking that I'd have to take it into a shop to get it all screwed with.
Sometimes if you raise the pickups too much like I did the spring buckles. This is easily fixed by getting a smaller spring.