Does anyone else find Painted/Heavy Lacquered Necks to be absolutely god awful?

For me personally, I will not buy a guitar if it has a painted neck. I find that after a while of playing and once your hands get warm, the lacquer gets somewhat tacky or sticky and it hinders my ability to move around on the neck. Its Kinda like a sweaty fat kid skidding down a dry slip and slide =\

I'm curious if anyone else feels the same, has noticed the same problem. As well as the opposite, if you like painted/lacquered necks I would really like to know why.

When I buy a guitar I like it to have as Natural Feeling as possible, I know most every guitar neck is lacquered and that all necks are sealed in someway. I'm talking about the guitar necks you can see yourself in due to the huge amount of lacquer (For reference this seems to be most every Gibson guitar [save for the Zakk Wylde Camo Signature that had/has an awesome maple neck.])

Thoughts? Opinions? Words? Stuff? Let's Hear it

aaand GO!
I don't mind the Gibson ones, though they are not my favorite. I cannot bring myself to like the schecter ones at all. I know most of that is shape related, however, so I'm not too sure about how much the finish plays into that. It does seem that Schecter's coated necks are a bit stickier, at least on the one I played (an older Diamond Series). The LP that I play from time to time seems to have a much smoother and lighter coating on it and feels more like an unpainted neck - so it is likely that the finish has a decent bit to do with it.
It depends on the finish of the guitar. The strat I got feels fine, I just wipe it down with a damp cloth after each time I play.

If you don't like lacquered necks, you should fine a guitar with a solid rosewood neck.
agreed for me. if a guitar has a painted neck i'll either not buy/play it or sand the paint off. i absolutely refuse to play my friends epi G400 simply because of 1. the fatness of the neck is uncomfortable and stupid imo and the paint on the back of the neck is ridiculously sticky after 45 minutes or so.
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I don't notice the difference. Any kind of nitro finish wears down smooth and satin after a couple of weeks of playing and most poly finishes take just a couple of months. Even when they're brand new, I have never found that a finish negatively effects my playing in any way; at most it may be alittle uncomfortable, but I can still play just as well as I would on a more worn-in neck.

It's virtually impossible to find a non-finished neck these days anyway, unless you special order one from PRS, Mayones or Warmoth.
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I actually did notice a difference between poly finished necks and satin finished ones,the satin finished necks are much less sticky IMO
Thanks guys, Great info and I'm glad to see so many different opinions. I should add that the only guitar with any color on the neck that I've actually enjoyed was Jeff Loomis' Signature Schecter 7-String but I think that's more of a stain with a satin finish.

On the point of "wearing in a neck" I've never actually played one long enough to see this for myself, It seems like it would be too much frustration to buy something and wait a few months of use to get it to where I can enjoy it.
I strongly dislike unfinished necks. Mostly for purely cosmetic reasons. Painted necks just look millions of times better than unpainted necks. Both of my LTD's have painted necks, and they just look so sleek. I have no qualm playing on them either - at this point, unfinished necks feel unnatural to me and mess up my playing. I guess it's one of those things where if you play one kind for so long or like it so much, you grow to dislike the other kind.
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I don't hate finished necks, but I really prefer the unfinished ones as they don't get my hand "stuck" when it becomes sweaty after a while
My Gibson has a painted neck and i just simply love the cosmetic look but the only turn down is that its a nitrocellulose finish so it can get a bit sticky
i don't have a problem with it, i just find it nicer to feel the grain of the wood a bit.
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My Schecter has an absurdly thick poly finish and I just love it. But I also don’t have sweaty hands.