1. Really really untight
2. Crappy vocals
3. Basic chord progressions
4. Overall crap
and i saw your posts. your a giant dick. and when you say something thats not attacking somebody its something really stupid. like how u said ben wah balls has a riff thats really fast? and how u said something like metallica is too fast to play? evidently you never listened to that shitty dragon force song "through the fire and flames"

I know my band isn't the greatest. you just could've been a little nicer about it
HH_Emo- to be honest elloel is right as far as untightness is concerned. Not trying to offend you, but it seems very sloppy and rushed. I love everyone of your influences, and your singer does sound ALOT like Patrick Stump.

Some things to work on:

Guitar- try to challenge yourself as far as riffs are concerned, im not the kind of person that likes to hear the same three power chords over and over. But bands that made it big by doing that made it interesting at least. (ie Green Day, Blink 182)

Vocals- Your singer needs to work on inflection and projection. tell your singer to work on harmonizing with your chords, because if your playing a G and he's singing in F# it doesn't end well.

drums- drummer just needs to work on tightness and different beats. going from song to song the beats didn't change much. if i got your CD i would have ejected it from my radio after 2 tracks.

No don't get down because of my criticism. You guys have a lot of potential, just some things you need to work on before you play a show or waste money putting out an EP that no one will listen to.

Always keep in mind that the best thing you can ever do as a musician is listen to criticism and understand where it came from and if you like the idea, make it your own.

Now, if you could, please check out my band Adriane Enlighten Me-