I hate always pulling guitars in and out of cases, its much easier for me to pick up and practice if the guitar is already out and ready to go, so i decided to make a PVC 5 guitar stand.

It cost about 20 bucks in material and about an hour to an hour and a half to put together.

I got all the directions and stuff off of this website

So if anyone wants to build one, i figure id post this. WOOT!
Man, wish you made this 2 years ago lol, nice job
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i may build one cuz i am low on space.
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Looks nice! Building things yourself makes you feel good.

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Cool, and I'm sure it's much lighter weight than the ones you can buy making it easy to move/transport if needed.
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You can get one on guitar center for about 30 bucks that holds 5 guitars

Yeah, but you don't get the same feeling of satisfaction as building your very own.

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I like it! Nice job, PVC is a great building material for a lot of things and it's really cheap.

Personally I prefer wall hangers for my guitars, but if I ever decide I want a multi guitar stand I'll definitely remember this.
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I think he is referring to the rockstands which have a similar look. The rockstands are a bit more expensive though than $30
Doing it.
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