Alright, so I've got an Epi LP Custom model, and until recently it's worked perfectly. But I plugged it in this morning and got absolutely no sound. I swapped guitars, keeping all the other equipment the same, and got a full, regular sound with my Strat. I've made sure the volume knobs are up, tried the pickup selector in every position, and checked all the wiring. I have a fairly good sense of wiring and can't see anything wrong.
Are there any other reason I'm not getting sound? My tuner doesn't even pick up a signal.

Thanks for the help guys.
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Check the input Jack. Les Pauls are notorious for inpu jacks coming loose.
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Sounds like wire problems inside the guitar.

Best way to find out is to unscrew the backplate on the guitar and check that all the wires are still soldered in their correct positions, and that no wires are connecting to eachother as this will cut the sound.

This has happend to both my guitars as they were cheap and the solder broke on the input socket on one and in the other i had 2 wires touching due to the wires being pulled from their soldered positions, which cut my sound.

If that is the problem then its easly fixable, though if your unsure about attacking the guitar with the hot metal then a guitar shop can fix it for you for a small cost (maybe £15-£30 depending on where you take it to)
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Make sure that the bolt holding your input jack in place is tight. On my RG it came loose once and my jack wasn't going all the way in. Odds are though a solder came off like someone said above me.