Hello I have been playing guitar for like 4 months now and i learned the stairway to heaven solo about a month ago. I have become very angered because i can play the solo pretty will with out a backing track but then when i put the backing track on and try to play it sounds awful. I just cant seem to keep it on time. Anyone have any advice on how to fix this problem? i really do need advice on how to get this solo to match the backing track. I seriously have been working to hard and to long on this to not be able to match it to a backing track. The very first lick seems to work well but then everything after that until the fast repetitive lick at 15th fret sounds bad. but from there to the end it sounds great.
Just keep working at it. You've only been playing 4 months, I wouldn't really say someone with that little of experience should be trying that cause you are not gonna play it right for a while. It's good practice, but it's probably a little too much right now.

Maybe you should come back to it after a few more months, give your fingers time to get stronger and more adept to the idea of soloing. Especially since it's a Jimmy Page solo with some pretty intense vibrato bends, triplets, etc... etc... More Pagey ridiculousness.

Good Luck
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Separate the solo into sections and work on them individually.

Extra tip: don't be afraid to ad lib it!