So i just openend my guitar up as i ot a seymour duncan pickup off a mate and decided to wire the pickup straight to the output jack. Doing this i missed out the volume knob and pickup selector but it will not work the pickup sounds really weak and noisy.
is the one pickup to output jack a possible combo and if yes why wont it work.
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yeah it is. but it still must be grounded properly. chances are hes messing something up. there is a solo switch mod you can do where a switch is installed that bypasses tone and volume control...which is teh same as putting your tone and volume at 10. so your going to get the brightest most volume/gain out of your pickup wiring it this way.
Wiring the pickup directly to the output jack should work just fine. If you are having trouble then it's either wired wrong, has poor solder joints, or something is shorting out.

If the pickup has 4 conductor (or PVC insulated 2 conductor) wire then it's common to mix up leads and/or get them too hot so the insulation melts causing a short.

If it's a 2 conductor pickup then it common for the metal shield to touch that should be soldered to the ground to be touching the hot lug causing a short.

It's also possible that something was tugged and the pickup was broken.
You can post this in the Guitar Wiring thread.

find the link by using the GB&C Essential Links thread.
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