I have the choice of buying the v2 jekyll and hyde pedal for £75, second hand, in good condition.
I was just wondering if for this price i should nab it and if it'll go nicely with my epi dot, to crack out a range of noise from indie to grunge to some bluesy-ness.
I've also been looking at a boss sd-1, so wadyers reckon?
well, one of the channels is basically a slightly altered TS-9, and the other is a basic distortion channel. I think that you can get a lot of what you want out of that pedal.
I've got no real experience with the pedal, but I've read a lot into it when looking into pedals a while ago, so I hope I've helped you...
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They're pretty good, but not great. The distortion side is based on a Marshall Shredmaster.
The J&H is a great pedal. The tubescreamer "Jekyll" side is worth the price alone. The Hyde side is a dark sounding Rat.