I'm searching for a new guitar and just looking at all the different makes/models. I've come across the Yamaha LL6. What I am trying to understand is if this is a dread, jumbo, or a hybrid of some kind. I've pasted the specs from the Yamaha website below. The description says a dread, but the spec list says jumbo bodystyle. WTF is it?

Boasting a modified dreadnought body style, perfect for chord or fingerstyle work, and many premium features shared with the rest of Yamaha's flagship L-Series, the LL6 offers a winning combination of style, performance and outstanding value.
  • Jumbo Body
  • Solid Engelman Spruce Top
  • Rosewood Back & Sides
  • Mahogany and Rosewood 3ply Neck

EDIT:: I'm a moron, please forgive me. It says it right in the description that it's a modified dread. I'll leave this post up for other people who have brainfarts or can't read like me.
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Terms such as "Jumbo" and "Dreadnought" have lost some of their original proprietary meaning. Now, we're just talking about a larger guitar of an approximate body shape. Each manufacturer does it a bit different.
Looking at the pics....It looks pretty much like a dread to me. "Modified" just means the dimensions are likely a bit different than say, a classic Martin dread.
the LL6 is a dread, the LJ6 is a jumbo. and btw, the gibson southern jumbo is a dread.
Haha oh man. I thought I was just starting to understand the acoustic body shapes. Damn manufacturers just can't keep to standards

Another question I have in another thread is regarding how manufacturers describe their guitars. For instance, the LL6 says the b&s are rosewood. It has no mention of laminate. So am I to assume that unless a guitar explicitly says "solid xxxxwood" that's it's laminate?
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So am I to assume that unless a guitar explicitly says "solid xxxxwood" that's it's laminate?

That's exactly it, even "select" woods are laminate.