How can I Convert a TuxGuitar file to a format I can upload to Ultamate guitar???????

It has reacantly come to my atention that all the Guitar pro and Power tabs of (Stop before its too late and we'v destroyed it all) by (Atreyu) are s**t, so i had a go at it and am pleased to say that i have made am almost exact copy of the song with drums and all... but no matter how proud i am of it the problome is that I am using Tuxguitar and I dont have Guitar Pro OR Power Tab and Ultamate Guitar wont exept the file to the site unless it's in one of those formats.

I have tryed getting Tux to save the TG file as a GP3 GP4 and GP5 file, and although it can save the file it removes all Palm mutes, slides, bends, and evry other type of effect in the song leaving it sounding like a crappy novice atempt at a good song!.

Can some one help me find a way to convert it into a usable format and upload it PLEASE!!!!! im not bragging OR lie-ing when i say this is a REALY good copy of the song and seeing as almost Nobody has tryed to make tab of it yet Its may well be the only good one around and I want to share it!.
File>Save As...
Then click the drop down box and you can save it as .tg, .gp3, .gp4, or .gp5

EDIT: My bad, didn't finish reading OP.
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You can export it to ASCII and submit it as text tab.
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You can export it to ASCII and submit it as text tab.

Problome with that is that it has ALL the instruments, drums bass and evrything so that wouldent workfor me, even if I uploaded them one at a time I whant them to go together as a playable file
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I noticed this too, have you got the most recent version of TG? Also, try saving as the .gp5 version - that solved all my issues.

Cheers man, the new Tux kept all of my pm's and slides

I usualy only use Tux ver 1.0 as it dosent keep stuttering and the PM dosent sound as pathetic..
if you practice with an instrument on TG you should try the older ver, it seems more stable. but yea cheers it saved corectly. but can i ask if you know if Guitar pro will exept the file? i know that some programs are too f**king picky about files and wont run them if the slightest thing is wrong