And no it's not a matter of I learned them and then forgot them. (Except when I stopped playing Classical.)

I began learning guitar by learning classical. My teacher was bad and I didn't learn anything at all, and everything was confusing. I simply went through the songs as fast as the teacher could make me. I didn't thoroughly learn the songs -- I just had to be able to go through them. It didn't matter if there were all kinds of mistakes. In other words, this was a waste of 3 years.

And after a little while of stagnation, I found a teacher that would teach music that I wanted to play, and for what I actually had a guitar for. (I didn't have a classical guitar when I learned classical -- I always wondered why other people had nylon guitars. My original teacher just said that she didn't know why some where nylon and others were steel. She assumed it was preference, I think.) The problem is... it's like I'm not learning anything. I've been stuck in the same spot for the last 3 years. I know some basic levels of theory. I can play the chords to a few songs, but it doesn't sound like anything because I can't sing and I don't have anyone to accompany me with a lead part. I only know one song that can be played solo. In other words I've basically spent 6 years practicing technique, but I haven't even gotten anywhere with that. Everyone assumes I'm good because I've played so long. I'm embarrassed when people ask -- I simply can't play anything worth listening to. And because I don't know any songs, I don't know how to gauge my skill level. I'm beyond just strumming open chords. I can hold my own playing rhythm guitar with barre chords; but anything beyond chords I am a dunce. I've worked out a few melody lines by ear. But I want to move beyond that. I want to play solo instrumental music. And I don't know where to even begin because I don't know what level of guitarist I am or what kind of difficulty of music I should be trying to learn.

It's also very frustrating because there's often periods of time when I can't play guitar. Especially during the summer. It feels like every time I'm about to start making progress, I go away and come back with hands that are slow, weak, and useless as before. And I forget theory and chords and songs, and it's just a mess. This is a sad state of affairs, yet music is one of the most important things to me. This whole situation feels frustrating. I realize my teachers can't help, so now I'm looking to independently get out of this. I don't know why I didn't help myself earlier. I had other issues to deal with, I guess.

Cool blog bro. I skimmed it and didn't see one thing worthy of this being a legit thread.
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It seems like you're in a pretty big rut. I'm not sure what kind of music you play, but you can start by learning simple licks and working your way up from there. I've been playing for about 10 months and I know a few metallica songs and some other, heavier songs, but most of the things I know are just riffs and pieces from songs. Try finding something you know you can learn and start slowly. It might take some time, but eventually you'll learn songs within a day or so. Hope it helped.
You need to find a good teacher, and teach yourself songs and licks and riffs and intros, etc. on the side. That's what I do and I know more than 3 songs.

I've been playing for like 5-6 months, it's all about dedication.
Just pick a song you like that sounds harder than something you can play. Learn it, play nothing except that song until you can do it flawlessly. Pick another song that sounds too hard, and play that one incessantly, occasionally revisiting your repertoire for practice. Piece by piece, you'll build a playlist and get out of your rut.
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ive been playing sice sep 09 and i can play alot of songs its just dedication and parctice i play guitar for about 3-4 hours a day soo yer just prac and prac
Forget 'songs'. Learn a half dozen riffs...play around with them. Make some noise.

I first started out on the Classical (decades ago) doing lessons, exercises...I got NOWHERE. I only progressed once I learned that puting 10 notes together and fooling around with them was more productive.
Quote by GODhimself37

Cool blog bro. I skimmed it and didn't see one thing worthy of this being a legit thread.

Well that's helpful isn't it?

Just pick some songs you really want to learn that aren't to hard. Or songs that are just really famous amongst beginner guitarists and learn them. Then wok your way up by learning some easy lead parts. Then maybe pick stuff is a little harder and also meanwhile learn some scales. Practice them until you feel comfortable improvising with them. I've been playing for around 9 months without a teacher and I've already mastered kind of easy songs and kind of easy solos. Now I'm focusing on improvising and stuff and with a little more practice I think I'll be able to do some easy improvisation lead stuff. Oh and practice, practice, practice. Anywayz, g'luck dude

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