hey UG

I've been learning about recording lately and now I feel I want to get a cover song done. So I need a song to cover but I am not too great guitar player yet so I am not being able to find a good song within my abilities. I've been playing guitar for about 3 years now but I only got serious about it (learning tecniche and all) about 3 months ago.

I thought that maybe anyone could point me a good rock/metal/anything-not-emo song that does not require much ability for me to record.

I intend to record guitars + synthetized band (on my juno-di synth) and maybe vocals too.

ty in advance for any help
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Make a list of the songs you know, then pick one.
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Any song that goes well on an acoustic. Not saying too record it on that, but it'll be easier to program drums and stuff and get a full song without it sounding shite.

Breaking the above rule, white stripes songs (I dont know what to do) would be particularly good, not too complex, not too hard to play and sing, and theres a reasonable chance of getting it sounding good.