So I'm thinking about buying a Guitar Fetish Mockingbird Kit and he pickups I'm thinking about getting are the EVH Frankenstein H-Bucker for the bridge and a DiMarzio DP158 Evolution for the neck. Both of these pickups had good reviews on musiciansfriend.com, but I'm worried what the two pickups would sound like together. Is this a good combo? bad combo? Any idea how it'd be? And are the Guitar Fetish kits good quality? I'm deciding whether or not to get the kit or an epiphone Les Paul Studio for 300 dollars.
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GFS kits are great quality and if it's not, I've heard that the customer service is very easy and friendly. This is based on other peoples builds and reviews, only bad things I've heard are that some individual parts (not kits) can be a little messy, but they will accept exchanges and returns.
Are you kidding me dude? I saw one build and there was like 1/8" gap in the neck pocket. **** that, I'd rather build forms, shit in them, and play a poop guitar than deal with a GFS hit or miss. I'd say get the Epi, despite the studio maybe not being the best of guitars at least you wont have to epoxy the neck hole to make it fit.

As for the EVH pickup, IIRC he played an old Gibson humbucker for a while but I think he switched to something else later. Either way, I don't think either were especially hot, certainly not as hot as the Evolution. I couldn't find much on the EVH pickup, but I'd say it would probably pair better with something less hot. The other side of that coin, you could always go with an all DiMarzio pair so you dont have to worry so much about blend, and it would be easier on your wallet.
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so you think the only problem would be the output levels being different? you think a Gibson '57 would pair better with the EVH? Because I'm pretty set on that humbucker being my bridge pickup
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Yeah, I think I remember Jason talking about different level pickups sounding crappy together. I don't think it would be an issue when they are on by themselves, but I think it's the mixing that they really go to hell. And yes, I would assume they would blend a bit better, after all they are both more vintage style pickups whereas the Evo is hot and metaly.
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well. i ordered a explorer and it was beautiful. perfect neck pocket. and im finishing it up soon. the only thing im going to do is get new pickups.

also about their customer service. i ordered a set of tuners and it was missing that lil washer. so they not only sent me that washer but a whole new set of bushings and washers and screws for the tuners. so they have very good customer service.