I have an EC-1000 with EMGs and I wanted to cover three aspects:

--do those particular pickups affect the tuning if too close to the strings?

--I want a tone similar to Slipknot, how close or how low should they be?

--what would the result be if i lower the bridge/raise the neck pickup and vise versa?

better yet, an explanation of pickup height would be good
In all seriousness..... Heightening the pickups generally makes it louder and vise versa for lowering them.
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In simple terms, raising the pickup increases output (especially bass output) but cuts sustain, clarity and response. This is the same for both the neck and bridge positions (as well as the middle position if you ever get a guitar with a middle pickup). There is no right or wrong pickup height, other than if a pickup has a particularly strong magnetic field then it can pull the strings out of tune if it is placed too close to the strings. Generally there is no reason for a pickup to be any closer than 4mm from the bottom of the sixth string at most.

Active pickups are slightly different in that their magnetic field is very weak, so you can usually risk placing them a little higher than most passive pickups. In fact you almost need to, since if you place them really low down their magnetic field will be too weak and you won't get anything out of them. However, you should still resist the urge to place them right under our strings - even far away, active pickups ahve more than enough output for any needs and even though their magnetic field is weak it will still hurt the sustain of the guitar if they are close to the strings.

Every pickup has a ''sweet spot'' where it reacts best. You should experiment with your pickups at different heights to find the one point where they respond to your playing the best. Once you've found this point, don't raise or lower them any further. Pickups usually respond better at lower heights than many people think, so it is best to start off with your pickups very low (level with the top of the mounting ring or pickguard usually) and then gradually raise them 1mm or so at a time until you find the point where they respond best.
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