So I want a tube head,

I was something versatile, but mainly for metal to be honest.

Currently looking at the Engl fireball and blackmore heads.

Opinions UG?
I'm willing to buy used yes,

as for the budget I'd say about £1500 - flexible though.
Mostly new styles of metal, cliché as it is - gotta love the KsE tone.
Well, I don't listen to any modern metal, but my DSL 100 does classic thrash real well, like Megadeth and early Metallica. I picked mine up for around 900 used and figured out it had been modified by Voodoo Amps, 500 dollar mod. I was happy when I found out about that.
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maybe a used soldano if you're lucky

just to name a few
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Peavey 6505/jsx/whatever, Engl, Hughes and Kettner? Theres quite a choice at that budget. You won't get a mesa triple rectifier or a soldano at this budget in the uk so handbanana is wrong. Maybe a triple recto used if you get a good deal.
If you get lucky, you might be able to find a used Mark V.

Rectos are a good choice as well. I liked the 6505+ but it wasn't extremely versatile IMO. You can save some bank and get a Bugera 6262. I was extremely impressed by the Marshall JVM's as well. Definitely packed enough punch for my liking, and I play mainly metal.


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