To get an Orange PPC212 cab (Mesa 2x12 would also be nice, But it's almost 200£ more expensive)? I feel like the cab I have now doesn't have enough low end.

Another option would be to get a Harley benton G212 Vintage cab, Which is a bit bigger than the cab I have now.
Screw the mesa cab, i think the orange has the same speakers anyway, and its ten times more sexier. never thought i would say screw mesa for anything but orange just has some sexy cabs
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You could I always get a used Zilla cab, I got my 2x12 (With Celestion G12H30's) for about £250 and it's a pretty good cab.
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Zilla cab with V30s, get to decide on pretty much EVERYTHIN you want

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Zilla Superfatboy 2x12 v30's

I love orange cabs. get one.
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That Zilla Fatboy 2x12 seems nice, But I don't know if they ship to Finland.

Anymore advices? Would the Orange be big step up from the cab I have now, Considering it's almost 300£ more expensive and has same speakers.
Yeah those orange cabs are fantastic. Mesa's are so expensive in Europe, and you'll be hard pushed to beat orange for quality. The Harley Benton is no better than the fame, they're both good budget cabs, but if you can afford to fork out for the orange you'll love it, after all the speakers may be the same but the construction is top notch, and you'll get plenty of bass from it.