Back in the day he was the biggest name in metal and now look at him.

Regardless of your opinions of his last album, you can't say that he hasn't changed one bit, and in my opinion, for worse.

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Mmmmm... He was never really "metal". Only a couple songs like "beautiful people" were even heavy. He's more shock rock/punk than metal.

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He was a pop star in the 90's, and just like MOST other pop stars in the 90's, fell into irrelevance.
1999 he was the most talked about performer in America and was on top of the world. Saw a concert of him when he toured last year and it was just...I don't know...wasn't like when I saw him back in 2001.
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Mmmmm... He was never really "metal". Only a couple songs like "beautiful people" were even heavy. He's more shock rock/punk than metal.

He is the essential alternative rock.
He has changed, he's changed with the times. Goth people were getting enough heavy music already so he went the other way so he wouldn't become a joke.
Golden Age of Grotesque is when he completely lost me though. I do like his new album though. Then again, I also like the blues and old rock and roll so that might have something to do with it.
The biggest complaint people seem to have about him now is that he lost his "industrial". Which is actually true but his new album does get back to it a little and his next one is supposed to be better.

Manson is one of those people I want to leave his current band for a bit and do a solo album but I'm fairly certain that wont happen, since...you know
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He is the essential alternative rock
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real Metal bands aren't trying to win a popularity contest they just play killer riffs and blast beats and then they drink too much alcohol... I don't see Manson sounding anything similar to Corpsegrinder

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Oh my ****ing god as I went through that I was thinking to myself "please dont tell me he sings in this shit" and then he does

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