(sorry, I copied and pasted this from the craigslist ad I wrote, but it works here too.)

I'm looking for musicians inspired by Dillinger Escape or just math'core' in general. If you are a Dillinger fan then the sound I'm going for is basically the Calculating Infinity album.

What I'm looking for....

- Must have some grasp on music theory (eg. Time signatures, key signatures/scales, tempos)
- Singer/Screamer (I'm looking for someone unique, don't try to mimic someone else, be yourself.)
- Not to mention, the singer/screamer should probably be writing their own lyrics.
- Have your own reliable transportation (Sorry, I don't wanna pick you up.)
- Stage presence is a must! (I plan on doing shows after some time)
- Dedication. (Please don't reply if you're already in 2+ bands)

Helpful, but not needed...

- Being able to tab out music in Guitar Pro on the computer (this is a very effective way of mapping out time signature changes, and sharing ideas between members)

What can I offer/Who am I

- I've got the practice spot
- I'm a drummer, little over 8 years experience now
- I've got some promotion connections, and very much like to promote myself
- I am very self motivated, I love hearing other peoples ideas, yet I will always give my honest opinion.
- I Took Jazz Ensemble (1 yr), Piano (2 yrs), and Music Theory (1 yr).
- I play a little bass and guitar here and there, so I hope you don't get jealous if I try to put some riffs out there.

So basically I'm looking for a Singer, Bassist, Guitarist (or maybe two)... I hope to write crazy off the wall technical music that will throw people off and leave them guessing, yet have them coming back for more. I don't want to be too horribly abrasive, yet still would like to kick people right in the ass.

If anyone is interested let me know
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