Hello UG, I'd like to enlist your help and support if I could. I have a Fender Vibro-King that's having some problems and I thought that you guys might be able to help, and this seemed like the most appropriate forum to ask for that help.

The problem started with an intermittent hum with some slight popping, but only when the amp was warmed up and had been on for some time. Eventually the humming and popping got worse, to the point that it happened constantly. Well, replacing the preamp tubes completely eliminated the hum, but the popping sound still remains. It sounds like that clicking-type sound you get when you turn an amp on, but it happens somewhat regularly and all the time when the amp is on. Does anybody have any insight into what might be causing this? My soldering skills are decent and I've worked on amps before, but my electrical knowledge is not at all up to par, so if somebody can diagnose the problem I may be able to fix it.

Thanks in advance for your help, everybody!
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maybe the clicking is coming from the vibrato settings, try turning the speed knob all the way up and the intensity knob all the way down
I'd take it to the shop, shouldn't be to expensive of a fix..
Maybe it overheated sometime?