I need suggestions for a good acoustic-electric guitar for under $300,

Here's the ones I was thinking of.




It has to have an output for recording but I also need good unplugged tone so I'm thinking that the ovation might not be the best but I'd thought I'd see what people thought (I'm leaning towards the Fender)

Have a look at some tanglewood guitars. They're quite decent for the money, and you can get them for under $300.
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I bought a Yamaha APX-500 for that amount, and I'm pretty happy with it. I wanted a smaller-bodied guitar which wouldn't irritate my wonky old shoulder.
Acoustically...It's adequate.

Remember, when you're incorporating pickup and electronics in a lower-price instrument, you might expect the rest of the thing to suffer a bit....
My son has the Ovation; he's been banging on it for some years now and it seems to be holding up very well. Sounds fine plugged in.
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You aren't likely to get a good quality acoustic-electric in that price range. Chances are it will be a subpar guitar with cheap electronics, meaning poor tone plugged in or otherwise.

You'll get a much better recording tone with a microphone in front of the soundhole -- that way you pick up the guitar's actual sound, not a simulation. Since you wouldn't need electronics in that case, I'd recommend a straight acoustic. That way you're putting all the money towards the instrument itself, not splitting it between the guitar and the electronics, so you get much higher quality at the same price point. Just my two cents.

Thanks for the recommendation, I might just do that since I'm going to be getting a mic for recording vocals anyway.
i second obp's recommendation. you can't get a good quality acoustic electric for three bills, but you can get a good yamaha - an fg730s - a seagull entourage s6 or a good blueridge for just over $300 - a br-40.

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Thanks for the recommendation, I might just do that since I'm going to be getting a mic for recording vocals anyway.
another option for you is to buy used - I have seen some decent used Ovations in that price range - some Taks as well - it is buyers market out there. Make sure you test everything and bring spare 9volt battery with you for just in case. This way you can get into higher priced , better quality guitar.