I have an Epiphone Les Paul and the 12th fret of the 1st string is barley audible. The only way it sounds out properly is if I give it a little bend when I play it and that is obviously very frustrating and very limiting. Is there anyway to solve this other than actually just getting a new guitar?
it sounds like a dead note. where it doesnt sustain and and some cases just sounds like a quick muffled sound?

not much you can do really, but if its doing this only on the 12th fret then you might need to get your frets leveled.
new neck? highten the bridge?
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I should also mention that it never used to be this bad. Im fairly sure it wasnt muted like this when I got it first. It just quietly rings and quickly mutes. Very annoying especially now because Ive really started to use that part of the neck a lot now