Im looking to buy a new amp. right now i have a 10w peavey backstage amp, and its brutal. My budget is $200, but if the amps really worth it i can make it $250. I was looking at the vox VT30, but i couldnt find any straight answers as to whether or not its full tube. another one i like is the vox ac4. i love the way it looks but im not sure 4w is nearly enough. then again the vt30s 30w is more then i need. i mostly play hard rock, and a little bit of blues. if u know of an other amps that are qualtiy, preferably tube, thats within my price range, all advice is welcome
heh I have the same peavey amp as you I believe, I know exactly how you feel. I'm getting a fender frontman 212r soon as I've heard good things about it.
Well generally I would say that Craiglist occasionally has the unbelievable deal float across. Our band's rhythm guitarist picked up a 300 Crate half-stack for $180, and it's in near-mint condition. But I don't think you'll find anything with tubes for around $200.
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