So I just got my demo back from the studio from my recording sessions a few weeks ago...

My vocalist/rhythm player played through an AC30 with an SM57 and room mic because my drummer was adamant that anything recorded "direct"thru my Axe-Fx would sound bad... >_> As a result the clean, dry rhythm playing on the tracks is all a real AC30. However when it came time to do all of my stuff I used my Axe presets.

Overall I'm very happy with how it turned out, except for the chorus in one particular song ("Frozen") where my epically massive Hard Fuzz tone was castrated by the producer... as my bandmates pointed out though an all-out QOTSA fuzz tone may not be the best for a reggae-ish song. You can hear it in all of its glory, however, towards the end of "One Fine Morning."

BTW before anyone says anything about the solo in my one song being silly and wankerish I actually recorded the solo as a joke take and everyone else wanted to keep it... but it sounds passable so whatever. Hope you guys enjoy!

Tone/playing criticism extremely welcome, especially since these are my first-ever REAL (studio) recordings.
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This should go in the "original recordings" subforum. This forum is for questions about recording in general, not for sharing your work.

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