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its fake. there was no squire in the 70's.

There was no Squier in the '70s. There is a difference.

Squier = Fender's down-market stuff
Squire = could be anything

TC, I don't think he's trying to pass it off as a Squier. Seems most likely to me that it's another one of those '70s off-brands (like Memphis, Cortley, Aspen, etc. ). If that's the case, official and reliable sources on it are going to be few and far between. The only thing you'll really be able to do to find anything out about it is to try it out.
People usually take unclear pictures or pictures without the headstock in it for a reason.

You should go check it out yourself.
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The body shape looks like the Fender Coronado from the 60s (pic, more info), but the f-holes are the wrong size; the pickups look dodgy; the original has no metal control plate; and I've never seen one with a Bigsby, though that's a fairly common modification. It could be a forgery, or the guy could just be misinformed.

I wouldn't buy it unless you're absolutely certain what you're getting into.

i think the fact it looks a bit like a coronado is the reason the seller would say "oh yeah it must be a squier".

squier didn't come till 1982.
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